Sports and leisure aviation

Due to exceptional climatic and upper air conditions, as well as the variety of the landforms, the Hautes-Alpes are the ideal place for aviation activities. 

In total, 330 days of flying take place each year, there are four aerodromes (Tallard, Saint Crépin, Le Chevalet in Aspres-sur Buëch and La Batie-Monsaléon) and more than 20 sites for free flying some of which, like la Montagne de Chabre, near to Laragne are internationally renowned. 

The aerodrome in Tallard is recognised as Europe’s first aviation leisure centre due to its exceptional upper air conditions. Indeed, all aeronautic activities are possible here. There is a wide range of possibilities: first flight in a glider, paragliding, microlight, gyrocopter, hot air balloon, a tandem free fall, helicopter flight, pilot’s course. Internationally renowned, the aerodrome welcomes many users but is also the stage for important events particularly for parachuting. Guided visits of the aerodrome are possible.





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