The Serre-Ponçon Lake - Durance

More than a mere river, the Durance is a force of nature. From its source in Mongenèvre at an altitude of 2300 metres it rolls its way over 302 kilometres until it finally flows into the Rhône. Over time, there has been greater control by man over the river, particularly with the construction of the Serre-Ponçon dam, and it is an essential artery for the Hautes-Alpes. 

It is most certainly an economic asset due to the production of hydroelectricity and the irrigation of agricultural land such as the orchards, but is also an invaluable asset for tourism be it for the numerous white water sits or for the lake.

With beaches that can be found in Embrun, Crots, Savines-le-Lac, Chorges and Rousset, wild creeks, 80 km of coast and its general environment, Serre Ponçon is a true sea in the mountains.

The excellent upper air and climatic conditions make it an excellent spot for kite-surfing and wind sailing, not forgetting recreational boating, kayaking and fishing.

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