Culture and knowledge

The nooks and crannies of the Hautes-Alpes became true melting pots following the passages of Vauban and Napoleon. Between plains and summits, numerous religious buildings and strong holds are hidden away deep in the valleys or exhibited on rocks. Among the most remarkable are: Briançon, Mont-Dauphin, Embrun, Boscodon, Notre-Dame du Laus, Château de Montmaur and the medieval castle in Tallard. The Via Alta is an itinerary that follows a major part of this cultural heritage.

Other features well worth a visit are: the Musée Départemental de Gap (Departement museum), the Géo-parc des Alpes Cotiennes (Cotian Alps Geopark), the Jardin Botanique Alpin du Lautaret (Lautaret Alpine Botanical Garden), the Conservatoire Botanique de Charance (The Charance Botanic Conservatory), La Passerelle National Stage in Gap and the astronomy observatories in the Queyras and the Buëch. 

The programme of cultural and scientific events and shows is particularly rich.


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